Dr. Stefan Rindfleisch and Dr. Klaus Dimigen have been admitted to the Marshall Islands bar in 2005, and since then EHLERMANN RINDFLEISCH GADOW has been providing clients with comprehensive Marshall Islands legal advice. 


We assist our clients across the full range of questions relating to: 

  • Marshall Islands corporate and maritime law 

  • Formation of companies and drafting of complex constitutional documents 

  • Joint ventures negotiations 

  • Shareholder disputes 

  • Dissolution of companies 

  • Ship mortgages 

  • Registration of ships 

  • Legal opinions on Marshall Islands law 

  • Litigation before the courts of the Marshall Islands 



Dr. Klaus Dimigen

  • Allgemeines Wirtschaftsrecht, Marshall Islands Recht, Cruise, Dispute Resolution, Schiffbau, Schiffumbau, Registrierung, Arrest, Zwangsversteigerung, Restrukturierung, Sanierung, Insolvenzrecht, Schiffsan- und Verkauf, Schiffsfinanzierung
  • Hamburg, ALLE ANZEIGEN

Klaus Dimigen advises banks in the area of restructuring long term ship financing loans as well as the separation of banking syndicates related to…

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Dr. Stefan Rindfleisch

  • Allgemeines Wirtschaftsrecht, Marshall Islands Recht, Superyachten, Offshore, Schiffbau, Schiffumbau, Bereederungsverträge, Charterverträge, Restrukturierung, Sanierung, Insolvenzrecht, Gesellschaftsrecht, Unternehmenskäufe, Binnenschiffahrt, Schiffsfinanzierung
  • Hamburg, ALLE ANZEIGEN

Stefan Rindfleisch specialises in the field of structured maritime financing. He has participated in numerous domestic and international fleet…

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