We advise our clients on all corporate law issues. Our advice covers both partnerships and corporations. The extensive knowledge in the field of corporate law enables our lawyers to advise clients comprehensively on the merger and acquisition of companies as well as on investing in them. When buying and selling shipping companies, our clients can benefit not only from our corporate law expertise, but also from our very extensive knowledge in the shipping sector. 


We assist our clients across the full range of questions relating to: 

  • Legal examination of corporate entities and corporate structures 

  • Structuring of investment companies 

  • Establishment of partnerships, corporations and joint ventures 

  • Ongoing advice on corporate law for partnerships and corporations 

  • Advising board members and managing directors on e.g. liability risks 

  • Advising shareholders and other investors, e.g. on investment and shareholder agreements 

  • Restructuring and transformations 

  • Capital measures 

  • Group financing, in particular cash pooling 

  • Amendments to constitutional documents and shareholders’ agreements 

  • Formation of offshore companies e.g. on the Marshall Islands, Liberia, Malta, Cyprus or Singapore as well as draft powers of attorney and resolutions 

  • Integration of and efficient cooperation with tax advisors in Germany and worldwide 

  • Compliance issues and liability of managing directors 

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Dr. Stefan Rindfleisch

  • Allgemeines Wirtschaftsrecht, Marshall Islands Recht, Superyachten, Offshore, Schiffbau, Schiffumbau, Bereederungsverträge, Charterverträge, Restrukturierung, Sanierung, Insolvenzrecht, Gesellschaftsrecht, Unternehmenskäufe, Binnenschiffahrt, Schiffsfinanzierung
  • Hamburg, ALLE ANZEIGEN

Stefan Rindfleisch specialises in the field of structured maritime financing. He has participated in numerous domestic and international fleet…

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Dr. Hauke Rittscher

  • Allgemeines Wirtschaftsrecht, Cruise, Restrukturierung, Sanierung, Insolvenzrecht, Gesellschaftsrecht, Unternehmenskäufe, Schiffsfinanzierung
  • Hamburg, ALLE ANZEIGEN

Hauke Rittscher specialises in maritime finance, restructuring, corporate and mergers & acquisitions. He advises banks as well as investment funds and…

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Dr. Carolin Schmeding

  • Allgemeines Wirtschaftsrecht, Containertransaktionen, Dispute Resolution, Restrukturierung, Sanierung, Insolvenzrecht, Gesellschaftsrecht, Unternehmenskäufe, Schiffsfinanzierung
  • Hamburg, ALLE ANZEIGEN

Carolin Schmeding has many years of experience in the structured financing of ships, containers and other maritime goods. Carolin Schmeding has…

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Richard Henderson

  • Allgemeines Wirtschaftsrecht, Superyachten, Cruise, Offshore, Containertransaktionen, Schiffbau, Schiffumbau, Bereederungsverträge, Charterverträge, Registrierung, Arrest, Zwangsversteigerung, Restrukturierung, Sanierung, Insolvenzrecht, Gesellschaftsrecht, Unternehmenskäufe, Schiffsan- und Verkauf, Binnenschiffahrt, Schiffsfinanzierung
  • ALLE ANZEIGEN, London Team, London Ansprechpartner

Richard Henderson has more than 25 years of experience advising banks, shipowners and investors in connection with ship financing, shipbuilding…

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