Dr. Stefan Rindfleisch


Stefan Rindfleisch specia­lizes in the field of struc­tured maritime financing. He has parti­ci­pated in numerous domestic and inter­na­tional fleet finan­cings and restruc­tu­rings, as well as in the intri­cacies of container finan­cings and syndi­ca­tions. Stefan Rindfleisch has compre­hensive experience in special forms of financing, such as domestic and inter­na­tional bareboat and lease financing (eg. UK Tax Leases), maritime promissory notes and loan securi­tization (pooling and repackaging of cash flow producing financial assets into securities that are then sold to investors). Another of his areas of expertise involves the advice to private equity, hedge funds and insti­tu­tional investors on their investment activities in the shipping sector.

Stefan Rindfleisch is a regis­tered lawyer admitted to practice in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. He is a member of the German Society for Inter­na­tional Law of the Sea and of the German Maritime Arbitration Association. Stefan lectures on maritime commercial law at the University of Hamburg. He is co-author of the handbook “Grund­lagen der Schiffsfinanzierung” (basics of shipping finance) and of the book “Maritime Law – Current Develop­ments and Perspec­tives“.

Studies at the Univer­sities of Freiburg and Hamburg
Completion of the legal clerkship with the second state exami­nation at the OLG Hamburg
Doctoral thesis on the topic of inter­na­tional maritime law "Pursuit at Sea".
since 1998
since 2001


The right of pursuit at sea
LIT Publi­shing House, Münster, Hamburg, London, 2001


Legal Aspects of the German KG Ship Financing Concept
in: Marine Money, Official Guide to KG Finance, 2003


Restruc­turing of ship financing
Grund­lagen der Schiffsfinanzierung, Frankfurt School Verlag, 4th revised and extended edition

Arrest and Forced Auction
Grund­lagen der Schiffsfinanzierung, Frankfurt School Verlag, 4th revised and extended edition


Chapter 5, Section 8:
(Cross-Border) Leasing (in colla­bo­ration with Dr. Carolin Schmeding)
in: Hamburg Handbook of Export Law, Verlag C.H. Beck, 2013

Der Schiffs­hy­po­the­ken­dar­le­hens­vertrag
Grund­lagen der Schiffsfinanzierung, Frankfurt School Verlag, 4th revised and extended edition


Chapter XII – A Brief History of German Ship Financing
Maritime Law – Current Develop­ments and Perspec­tives;
in: Publi­ca­tions of the Institute for Law of the Sea and Maritime Trade Law of the University of Hamburg Vol. 24, published by LIT Verlag 2018

Various lectures, workshops and seminars for clients on selected legal topics.
University of Hamburg, Maritime Business Law: Funda­mentals of Ship Financing (ongoing).
RWS seminars: Ship financing in times of crisis (2009 – 2018).

The Legal500 Germany, 2019

…compre­hensive knowledge of shipping law, excellent judgement and high service orien­tation”

Chambers Europe 2019

… definitely an expert in this area.”

… capable, struc­tured and very focused on problems and able to solve them.”

… a coope­rative character, pragmatic and smart.”


experi­enced in ship sales for insol­vency adminis­trators.“

The Legal500 EMEA, 2018

… a grand­master of ship finance.“

JUVE MANUAL 2017/2018

It is consi­dered by compe­titors to be very pragmatic and excel­lently networked.”

The Legal500 EMEA, 2018

… a grand­master of ship finance”

JUVE Handbuch 2017/2018

Er gilt unter Wettbe­werbern als sehr pragma­tisch und hervor­ragend vernetzt.”

Lloyd’s List

Stefan Rindfleisch is listed as Top 5 in Lloyd’s List TOP 10 maritime lawyers 2017

Corporate Intl Magazine Legal Award 2015

Maritime Finance Lawyer of the Year in Germany” (Dr. Stefan Rindfleisch)